Writing and Reading as divination

Impressed with Jeffrey Kripal’s move, I treat this as giving another voice to attempts I have been making in my own private notes/notebooks over many years. There is a question of how to present this to my fortunate or unfortunate reader, whoever you may be. There is no obvious way of working this out except by doing it.

The Teacher said, “Divination involves principle and principle is [a form of] divination. Among the principles in the world, is there any greater than that of divination? Because later generations regard divination as fundamentally fortune telling, they look upon it as a petty craft. They don’t know that questions and answers between teachers and friends, such as we are engaging in today, and studying extensively, inquiring accurately, thinking carefully, sifting clearly, practicing earnestly, and the like are all forms of divination.”
Wang Yang-ming
Reference to Jeffrey Kripal Authors of the Impossible
In the ordinary sense of ‘reading’ this remarkable book defies reading in relation to its purported subject matters.
Reference to Wang Yang-ming Instructions for Practical Living 247
(tr. Wing Tsit-chan)

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