Symbol & Sacred


The seminars form an ongoing philosophical discussion on inductive divination, suitable for experienced and philosophically-minded practitioners or students of symbolism. Elements for discussion are taken from diverse but complementary perspectives. Seminars stand alone, but where appropriate I will summarise perspectives already introduced. It is hoped to have supporting material online.
Topics that are likely to be introduced in upcoming seminars:
31st August
Introduction and terms of debate.
Classical distinctions: natural and artificial
Modes of showing (omina)
Definitions of divination – why ‘inductive’?
Major contemporary forms
Metaphor and symbol: connotation, denotation
Introduction to the Four Senses of Interpretation.
Healing the pagan/Christian divide
28th Sept
Tacit Dimension (Polanyi)
Rhetoric (divinatory narrative)
In addition, the first series of seminars is expected to include the following topics:
Dual epistemology
Antinomies : the nature of paradox
distinction of psychic and sacred
hermeneutics of divination
cognitive continuum (Tedlock)
Chicane and wild knowledge


Texts already introduced >>>