Supervision and divinatory dialogue

I offer supervision and divinatory dialogue for practitioners and experienced students. The main formal methods I work in are western astrology, including natal and horary in major contemporary styles of practice, and the Book of Changes (I Ching) in English translations. I also work with Tarot. Our sessions are on an ad hoc basis, depending on individual circumstances.

Supervision is appropriate where a practitioner requires discussion on his or her own client work. It is helpful for individuals on a symbolic or divinatory quest who seek questioning and confirmation of their interpretations, and it is a valuable learning approach for the serious student of astrology.

Our sessions are by Skype (voice or face-to-face as required);* we may also arrange in-person meetings where appropriate. For the initial session (up to 1h), I study in advance materials and issues that concern you. Follow-on sessions (40 minutes) are usually booked in groups of three, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. These follow the pace of your own practice.
* We may revert to landline/mobile in event of difficulties with Skype.

If you are interested in what I may be able to offer, please give a brief indication of your area of concern, or the background of your studies.

Geoffrey Cornelius            email:

Fees (2022)      ——–      Initial session (1h)  £90
Follow-on session (40m) £45, or £40 two or more, booked in advance.
An additional fee may be requested should you wish me to study
extensive biographical, symbolic and technical material.