links page

External links to web pages with material directly relevant to The Moment of Astrology are given here. Other links are in various pages in this dox file.

important links

- studies by Angela Voss. The scholarship of Angela Voss has been vital and illuminating at several key points for Moment and for the whole project of astrology-as-divination, especially in revealing the relevance of Marsilio Ficino's philosophical views.

- dox file for Garry Phillipson: Astrology in the Year Zero (Flare, London, 2000). Garry Phillipson has made a significant and thoughtful contribution to the contemporary debate, and his book is a valuable source of reference for Moment, especially in MOA chapter 4. It is based on interviews with astrologers and includes an in-depth treatment of the current bleak impasse of scientific research in astrology. The extensive dox features commentaries by various authors, updates the book's discussion of philosophical and research issues, and gives useful links.

Academic links are also given on the astrodivination home page. If an external link is no longer operative, please advise us by e-mailing to - thanks.

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